From Anya with love

“And i’ll send all my loving to you”
— Arctic Monkeys (cover)

"You’re all I want…
             You’re all I have!”

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but, can you handle this much handsome at once?


◢ What’s love without tragedy? ◣


◢ What’s love without tragedy? ◣

#безысходность #отчаяние #тлен (в Хоперский заповедник)

#безысходность #отчаяние #тлен (в Хоперский заповедник)

Shannon is a beast of a player. He doesn’t play in a song, he takes a song over. He inhabits it, he lives it, he breathes it." - Jared Leto

"There’s an energy that he has when he drums that’s fantastic. He’s very animalistic.” - Steve Lillywhite

"He’s completely emotionally reacting. It’s absolutely fascinating to watch somebody like that." - Flood

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Mr. Nobody - Nemo & Anna → favorite moments [2/3]

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The City of Angels is my paradox, my nightmares and my dreams.

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Jared and his buns/ponytails

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